We Need to Talk . . .

Distressed ManWhy does this seemingly simple statement seem to evoke an almost universal sense of dread in men who hear it? I believe at least part of the answer has to do with the discomfort most men have toward feeling vulnerable. From early childhood through adolescence and adulthood, males in our culture have been conditioned in a thousand ways to stuff our feelings and show a brave face to the outside world. Therefore, it is no surprise that we sometimes find ourselves feeling anxious and depressed as we struggle to understand and deal with powerful emotions such as anger, guilt, and shame.

Why Seek Therapy?

Thoughtful ManIt is especially common for men to believe that seeking therapy is a sign of weakness; that they should somehow be able to work things out on their own. As a man who has participated in therapy himself at various times in his life, I hold the opposite view. Therapy requires the courage to take an honest look at yourself and encounter your demons head-on. Therapy offers the advantage of a fresh perspective – a new way of understanding problems. With this understanding come new possibilities to live a life in a less reactive, more intentional way where you are better equipped to navigate the challenges of personal and professional relationships.

What to Expect

Man Leaping over ChasmMy work with male clients is informed by my own life experience in various roles including husband, father, business owner, and employee. I can relate to the struggles and demands associated with being a male in our culture. During our work together, we will cast a light of understanding on the past, identify solutions to problems in the present, establish a vision of hope for the future, and build a path to getting there.

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