A Marriage and Family Therapist Is for Individuals Too

Thoughtful WomanA marriage and family counselor is much more than someone who works with married couples and families – I am here for you too. Few of us are an island. (And for those few who are, they may not want to be.) If you are an individual seeking counseling for issues you currently face, you are still surrounded by relationships in most aspects of your life. You may have work relationships with bosses and coworkers, social relationships with friends or neighbors, romantic relationships, and family relationships with parents and siblings. With individuals, often the problems they experience can be caused by their relationships as well as by personal issues – or their personal difficulties can negatively affect their relationships. As a therapist who works not only with individuals but also with couples and families, I use a full range of expertise to help you with your full range of issues.

Why Seek Therapy?

Thoughtful ManPeople seek individual counseling for many reasons: depression, anxiety, grief, loss, shame, trauma, low self-esteem, difficulty handling anger, and much more. School work may seem overwhelming and assignments are turned in late, if at all. Problems at work can affect productivity and ability to sleep at night. Relationships may suffer as the pressure of unresolved problems causes increased conflict and withdrawal.

Sometimes it can seem like problems have become so large in our life that we are powerless against them. In this condition we tend to lose sight of our strength and possible solutions to our issues. Counseling offers an effective way of solving problems by providing a safe, confidential environment where you can freely discuss your situation, and develop the strength and insight necessary for identifying solutions and achieving a happier life.

What to Expect

I believe a good fit between therapist and client is essential to successful therapy. During our initial consultation, I will meet with you to discuss the issues you would like to address in therapy. You will come away from this meeting with a clear sense of how we can work together. The actual course of therapy varies according to your issues and your goals. I will patiently listen to you without judgment, and will work with you to solve your problems, deepen understanding of yourself, and explore ways to begin living the life you choose.

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